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Bill pryor nude pics

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Jesus Christ, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. That certainly is a possibility, but it would be interesting to know if Pryor knew what it was used for. Naked ebony women photos. It's not the kind of thing we normally publish at Legal Schnauzer--and I don't intend to make it a habit--but when porn is central to the story.

Becker September 20, 5: Looks similar to the Pryor pic, but hard for me to tell if it's him with his head turned that way. Bill pryor nude pics. Is that what the photo looks like? I don't see anything gay about a male being naked and solo.

He is an investigative reporter who grew up in Enterprise, AL, and has written extensively about corruption in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Glad to see you have the donation button going by the way. Now, we have absolute proof that a conservative pillar is either a homosexual, an exhibitionist, or both.

So which are you?

Bill pryor nude pics

Does reporting on yourself reporting on your husband reporting on himself No matter how badly you wish it to be the same personit simply isn't. Pryor, rescheduled a family vacation to Disney World when they discovered the Orlando, Florida, theme park had scheduled "Gay Days" festivities at the same time as their planned visit.

The judge is William H. Is the membership at the Federalist Society where is name is commonplace cognizant of his background? What's that, exactly 45 minutes? Your second comment does nothing to change that. Chloe nicole milf. And who does porn and uses their real name? Pryor would serve a term that expires Oct. Executive possibly the most politically active and influential First Lady, sparking the name, BillaryLegislative 2 time Senator from NY and Judicial Yale-educated attorney — not to mention her incalculable experience as Secretary of State in very troubled times.

Electronic dissemination of information and public feedback. I prayed to my God, the God of Moorish Andalusia, that someone will find it in their heart to fund, foment and jointly publish.

Of course, Pryor insists the pictures are not him, though apparently, a republican colleague in Alabama was quick to confirm that they are. I'm not a fan of Bill Pryor, nor of any "Christian" elected official. Replies to my comment. You realize he was arrested for something entirely unrelated to Pryor, right? That makes it seem very likely the picture is him. Neither Bernie nor Trump are qualified to be President.

Who gives a shit that he posed for a porn shoot 30 years ago?

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Coyote Lane October 4, at 3: You brought up the Pryor porn - police beating connection.

Jeffery Epstein,is a convicted pedophile who is a billionaire! However, if it is kept secret, then its a problem. Nude girls with blue eyes. The photo has been redacted -- with genitals blurred -- to ease concerns about full-frontal male nudity.

Google his name you will see it! Siegelman and Minor were major foes of the tobacco industry, and both wound up under attack as Bill Pryor rose to power. Im seeing a pattern of penises here. Is she live blogging herself hold up in her house against police orders?

We know, for example, that Abramoff was paying George Berger, a political consultant, to help run my opponent's campaign. Bill pryor nude pics. I'd have to say that's absolutely him in that photo. It is a Republican "hit" piece if you consider publishing the truth about Republicans a "hit". The Republicans are so good at making us believe they are wonderful family men, when in reality they are just ordinary men.

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Response to Gravitycollapse Reply 36 Sun Oct 27, Images obtained by Legal Schnauzer show Pryor posing completely nude, staring into the camera and sporting a noticeable erection It is safe to say to that it is a different world here than in Chicago. One picture is worth 1, words still holds true!

Sources say Pryor was college age when the photos were taken. A screenshot from a group of photos titled "WizardBoy Gallery 19" shows a head shot of an individual, and beside that is the name "Bill Pryor.

Roger faces a resisting arrest charge stemming from his refusal to obey a judge's order to stop writing about an affair he alleges involved Robert Riley Jr. Le p tit bonheur winnipeg. The Pryor photos likely appeared in at least one print publication in the s and remained relatively unknown until an informant provided a tip to investigators with the Alabama Bureau of Investigations ABI that they had appeared in the digital world.

I'm meeting with him this afternoon! You might want to save it for Governor Siegelman. I don't have the greatest vision in the world, but even I can see that's him.

I hear more and more that the ranks of America's elites are riddled with pedophiles. As for illegality, if he failed to disclose these photos in his background to FBI and Congress, that is a crime. Posted by legalschnauzer at 5:

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