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August 17, Rating: It ain't get "Get Smart", but it's great to see Adams back with the shoephone! Zach, portrayed by Andy Dick, was even more of a bumbler than Max, and was teamed with the gung-ho Agent 66 Elaine Hendrixwho was forced to save Zach from himself.

Share this Rating Title: Ashley Cox as Model 1. Lesbian pov pussy eating. You will get a notification at the top of the site as soon as the current price equals or falls below your price. Rhonda Fleming as Edith Von Secondberg. Nude bomb movie. Saint-Sauvage, the KAOS fashion designer, finds everyone else's clothing designs gauche, so he builds a clone machine capable of cloning his favorite seamstress and implements the Nude Bombs. In fact, it has steadily grown with virtually no problems throughout the years.

Though transfer to DVD is of decent quality, but there are no extras at all on this release. Patrick Gorman as French Delegate.

That's why we'll never like a sequel as much as the original - everything has changed, and though it may have changed for the better, it's no longer the same. However, the pimp's killers don't look too kindly on this new 'business', nor does the morgue's owner. The Final Insult and Naked Gun: The Return of Maxwell Smart.

In the final scene, the three stars of the film are rendered nude by fallout from the destruction of all the bombs at the enemy headquarters, but are seen from the backsides from a distance, and then with a "The End" caption covering each of their backsides. James Noble as Secretary of Defense. Pornstar pic nude. Sarah Rush as Pam Krovney. Inat a boxing match in Cleveland, Ohio, pandemonium breaks out when Jake La Motta, an up-and-coming young boxer, loses a decision to Jimmy Reeves, suffering his first Gases, Asphyxiating and poisonous.

Most of the film was shot on Universal Studio sound stages. Exit visas, which are necessary to leave the country, are at Edit Did You Know? The series would have been much better if Zach was a great agent and he and Agent 66 tried to help Max, just as the Chief and 99 used to in the old series.

Sounds The Best Episode? Snowbird Utah United States. Audible Download Audio Books. The concept itself is pretty classic; KAOS are threatening to drop a bomb that can destroy all clothing in the world unless the United Nations pays them ten billion dollars a month.

Don Adams and Robert Karvelas were excellent, but the movie lacked the normal bite of the television series. This time, Smart and his cohorts must stop enemy spies from detonating a bomb that would destroy all the world's clothing.

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Unevenly funny, the movie sorely missed the steadying influence of Ed Platt and Barbara Feldon. Sammie dee naked. Saint Sauvage also demonstrates a cloning machine to help with his scheme. A wall slides away, revealing Saint Sauvage. Based on characters created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. August 17, Rating: A 13 Nov LAT article reported that Max Shulman did a polish on the script although he did not receive an onscreen credit.

January 26, Full Review…. James Gavin as Helicopter Pilot. Ironically, Elcar looks exactly like David Koechner, who is playing Larabee in the new movie. Walter Brooke as American Ambassador. You will get a notification at the top of the site as soon as the current price equals or falls below your price. Mildly amusing early on when it sticks to puns and one-liners, but falls apart quickly as it degenerates into a series of dumb comic action sequences.

The Last House on the Left. Girls eating each other pussy out. Nude bomb movie. It's a PG movie, the nude bomb was hardly worth it. Monday Morning Box Office Report: Mel Brooks and Buck Henry had no involvement, and although writers Leonard Stern and Arne Sultan had previous written for the show, there are a lot of jokes that fall flat and elements that feel out of place some viewers may also find the lack of a laugh track somewhat off-putting.

With the release of Get Smart starring Steve Carell this weekend, I thought it was a good time to take a look back at the only other Get Smart movie ever to play in theatres: In spite of the title, the film was given a PG rating because there was no frontal nudity in the film; in the opening theme sequence, a title card reads: Mark Moore correctly pointed out that some television stations air this movie as "The Return of Maxwell Smart", in a ploy to increase ratings.

Can it also be used as a stapler? Ashley Cox as Model 1.

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Remember, you can't go home again! Although it was planned as a made-for-TV project, in the months leading up to its release, fans began to take an interest in The Nude Bomb and Universal realized that they could make more money if they put it in theatres. His punch hurls Saint Sauvage onto a chair, where Max launches him like a missile. Inthe film aired on broadcast television for the first time with its originally intended title, The Return of Maxwell Smart. A chase sequence during a Universal Studios Tour was filmed using an actual tour tram.

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A brief in the 1 Jun Var reported that producer William Castle was in negotiations with Paramount Pictures to shoot the Get Smart theatrical feature This page was last modified on 28 Juneat The Final Insult and Naked Gun: Join our movie c o mmuni t y to f i nd out. Sexy nude mods. Photo Courtesy BS Images. Four mental patients on a field trip in New York City must save their caring chaperon, who ends up being taken to a hospital in a coma after accidentally witnessing a murder, before the killers can find him and finish the job.

Just do a couple minor cosmetic changes to a few supporting characters and the Get Smart formula got a second life for a few years in the 80's. All girl lesbian orgy There are five times in the film where the bomb is detonated, but in each case the actors cover up their private areas with strategically placed briefcases or guns Buckingham palace guards or are shown only from the waist up. Max receives a phone hidden in a stapler, new shoe phones, and a strategic file cabinet, but he is more interested in collaborating on the case with Agent 13, a brilliant undercover operative.

Views Read View source View history. Nude bomb movie. But I was most surprised to realize that the 80's cartoon Inspector Gadget, which I grew up with, is basically a carbon copy of Get Smart from a couple decades before. The Return of Maxwell Smart. Max escapes, aware that there is a double agent in his midst, and returns to headquarters to track the would-be naked bomber, Saint Sauvage, to Colorado.

After Max fixes a drink, the staple- phone rings with a call from Jonathan Levinson Seigle, the owner of a model agency, claiming to have important information regarding KAOS.

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