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Stomedy is a flat out retard. Xhamster milf videos. Plus if it weren't for the psycho videos he is a nobody on YouTube - ChickenKing.

Why is he even on this list he is queen What? I've watched every single episode and, I didn't even crack a smile. Being sugar-high used to be funny. Protecting those from unjust treatment due to socioeconomic issues. Glozell green naked. GloZell is also a SAG actress with numerous credits for national commercials, television, and film. Her crazy video stunts have propelled her into the ranks of legendary funny ladies such as Ellen DeGeneres, Whoopi Goldberg, Tina Fey, Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, and Phyllis Diller—and made her an inspiring icon for a new generation.

I mean why the hell would you rub your success into others faces. I don't understand how people can find these guys funny. We have a serious problem here in this country when it comes to women and their rights. Go Gators and Go GloZell! Click here, I made the cover of the Daily News because of Jay!

She's awesome and pretty! He even has a book which I read and it was written so well and has helped me so much with topics like the stuggle of fitting in and discovering yourself. Naked pics indian girls. Ray william johnson and his crew are porbably the most annoying out there. If you can't be yourself then go away because your not funny being FAKE! Seth MacFarlane Family Guy. One of the youtubers that isn't a giant pain in the butt. He tries to make his jokes sound funnier by making faces that no joke look like he's constipated.

It's our Prerogative what we do Sharing formative stories and insights from her own life, she encourages young women to learn to love their body, break free of their shell, and carve out their own identity.

Despite the stupid content, I find myself enjoying the dumb stuff that he does in the videos. Click through the gallery to see all the selfies…. Well I wouldn't say he is a youtuber. As far as I am concerned, women who post self-nudies — do it for attention, titillation and provocation. Woah, do people still like this guy? He is funny, but his fans are 12 year olds who think suicide is funny I don't like him because he bullies lite kids Pure trash V 2 Comments.

Do all those idiots supporting her not realize how many child molesters and pervert hang around social media sites looking at young girls posing like this? This is so NOT empowering women!

Good combo for some people, I guess. Women are being stoned to death if they are raped. Sensual lesbian sex videos. Kelly and Ray are doing just fine ontthe comedic assetzbut you can't go wrong without a bannana thrown at you every now and again.

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So yea, he does try too hard.

I wish he'd cool it with the cross-dressing. If you find that trying too hard, then I don't know what else doesn't count. Beyonce lesbian sex. She has the ability to make any situation funny. I haven't seen a video yet where Sky does try too hard, yet I can't disagree.

I mean why the hell would you rub your success into others faces. She's awesome and pretty! They all speak nonsense and yell over eachother like competing for attention. Glozell plays a human game of PokemonGo…This is awesome!!!! And Tara Babcock has big boobs. He can't song for crap. Glozell green naked. Trayarus for the win! I don't hate sky, I extremely despise his immature 9 year old fans in a burning passion. Ever since he came out the closet even before that everything that comes out his mouth are corny gay jokes and stupid gay sayings that have nothing to do with him or his lifestyle at all, he might as well get a shirt that says "cultural appropriation" and use it in all his videos, there's a difference between showing support and appreciation to a certain lifestyle or community and just being annoying, stupid and disrespectful.

His channel is two words. Sex nude bhabhi. And yet you think its okay to call someone a 'hoebag' Celebs who defend Kim are pathetic as her. But when you bring the guys into Zoomintv. He gains the minds of kids by screaming and just making loud noises, but the editing is God awful it's just hard cuts and an occasional zoom in, it requires no skill to be a YouTube gamer, especially when you intertwine it with comedy that's half the time dick jokes and the other half fake over reactions, he doesn't deserve to be the number one most subbed when he has absolutely no talent.

But hey Glozell made Mirandas look a little less special. What do I think? No matter how young or old.

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I hate hate hate the girl who uses that childish voice. That's one big Cherry! He is super isnpiring and my role model. Sorry, no can do. Her voice is annoying, her "jokes" make no sense and the only way she can get attention is to be controversial.

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Woah, do people still like this guy? GloZell is one of the hottest, young comedians to date. Just goes to show you can gain millions of subscribers making god-awful skits and generalizations about people. African women naked tumblr. He doesn't try too hard, did you run out of names at 38? Nigahiga tries too hard? This is so stupid, what is their point? He used to do cool parodies but now he just turned into a parody himself.

He's a nice person. Glozell green naked. Stella lane nude He adds those stupid skits at the end probably for more ad revenue and gets the worst actors on YouTube to be in them All of these women are doing a disservice to the times when women are really slut shamed and body shamed and made to feel less of themselves because of what they look like, how they act, what they say, etc… They are crying wolf.

But hey Glozell made Mirandas look a little less special.

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Gan lulu naked She is actually doing the opposite of what feminism stands for.
Anime fuck girl This JUST showed up? They don't deserve to be on this list they work very hard on all of their videos and they expect what to do next or how well they did on producing their videos.
Nude women cute Meanwhile half of his friends are child molesters. And Tara Babcock has big boobs. Alec Baldwin I totaly have my hand on his behind
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